I focus inside and I watch what’s happening inside my own inner world.
I see many thoughts flickering on the screen of my mind and I can consciously choose which thoughts to have.
I choose the thought of peace.
I visualise a point of light and in this awareness of peace I know that this is who I am.
I am a being of light.
I am a being of peace.
My thoughts slow down and I savour the beauty of peace within, as my inner world is filled with peace.
I am also filled with light.
I can feel the clouds of confusion receding and as this light becomes bright I can feel my own inner power growing within.
My own being is light, is might, is peace.
Having forgotten myself I had forgotten these original and natural qualities of mine, and now that I know who I am, all these qualities naturally belong to me again and in this awareness I radiate light, peace and might.
And now I let my thoughts come back to the awareness of the physical body that I occupy and the situations in life that I find myself in today, but now I come back with an outlook transformed with an attitude which is very different.
By BK Sister Jayanti